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Before you get too far into this website, I feel that I should issue a bit of a warning. In that my views and opinions on building and sustaining effective business relationships through the sales function are not for everyone.

Especially if you are looking for short term wins and quick sales.

Yes, I can create call scripts that get you instant attention, social media posts that results in lots of leads and emails that have outstanding opening rates.

However, my heart will not really be in it unless it is as part of a considered customer experience that has mutual trust as the basis of your prospect and client interactions.

Still with me?

Our Mission: To provide Innovative and Pragmatic support for your sales relationship challenges and opportunities; with your existing clients, lapsed customers, and prospects. All based on measurable and achievable Return on your Investment.

Accepting that 2020 is now like no other and that we all need to adapt to become a provider of solutions and not just products and services. Where you are in your business right now is not that important its where you want to be and how we can work together to get you there that counts.

Selling ‘to’ is over; forget ‘always be closing’, ‘if I could show you a way’ and those other phrases of perceived wisdom that have had their day.

Stop your sales pitch and start a series of meaningful conversations. Learn to love objections, they are the real ‘why chose you’ indicators.

Agree? Then please stay on the site and determine where we can potentially provide you with ideas and options. Suggest you start with Getting to Know You and go from there.

Disagree? Then please go to the Contact Page and please do get in touch to challenge our thinking with your opinions and questions.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been working closely with Glenn for his Sales Mentoring for over three years. For me, on just about every sales related subject under the sun, and for my team who needed to have a better understanding of how to build and sustain relationships with our clients. His new programme is a ‘no-brainer’ for me. I only have to invest 5 minutes each day, for what I know will be achievable and successful objectives. I’ve already got my first two sales campaigns ready to get started with Glenn."​
Alistair H
"I've gained lots of helpful knowledge and support which has increased my confidence and ability with sales. I can also vouch for my colleagues, that your input has been really beneficial for them too. When it comes to appointments/meetings, I really appreciate the process of TIME booking the appointments. I love attending TIME meetings. Using TIME Associates is a brilliant way to get appointments."​
Mark B
"Working with Glenn on a one-to-one basis since March has given me a fresh perspective on how to build new relationships. Specifically in creating and maintaining sales, it’s easy for your best intentions to go out of the window when the working day takes over. We have used a variety of communications channels all have their merits as it keeps my company name in front of people. The most successful channel has been Direct Mail - using bright orange envelopes as there have been occasions when I have attended meeting booked through this campaign and the person I was meeting commented on it."​
James W
Selected feedback from a Chamber of Commerce Become Better at Sales in 5 Easy Phases webinar on 22 September 2020.

100% of the respondents scored the subject, content and presenter as Very Good or Excellent.
‘I enjoyed the content and can see how this can be used in our business. We have contacted the presenter for further training and advice.’

‘That good selling is not some magical skill but the application of preparation, attention, planning and perseverance!’
A very clear explanation of this sales method, excellent!’

‘While not directly relevant to me, the one message I have taken is that it is about relationships not selling.’

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