Why your products/services are the right solution

With your effective questioning during the Needs & Wants stage you now have a clear understanding of how your products and services should play a part in working together.

Relationship warning: square pegs and round holes are never a good fit.

Stage 4 the D in the P.A.N.D.A Effective Relationships Process is Define Your Offer.

Try and do so in such a way that 2 key messages come clearly across. 1/ Fees are identifiable as an investment not just a cost. 2/ There is a clearly defined Return on Investment outcome.

I say this because it is so much more beneficial to get a proper plan in place as opposed to rushing into a project and you avoid ‘Buyer’s Remorse’.

The tips for today are:

  • Refer to your notes from your meeting/call to establish your suggested solution(s) is actually what is required
  • Share them in writing so they can be agreed or challenged then amended
  • Have as many measurable criteria as you can
  • Think about the benefits of your products/services not just the features*
  • Be confident that you have relevant and beneficial solutions to the challenge/opportunity

*Features are mostly about what something is and benefits about what it does.

You can easily link the 2 with the phase, ‘which means that’….

Write down 5 features of the products/services you provide and then apply ‘which means that’ to reveal the benefit. Happy to help with your business if you need it.

Monday will be for the Action stage, it’s very simple but crucial. You would be amazed and appalled at how many potential sales are lost at this stage of the P.A.N.D.A Effective Relationships Process

Have a great weekend, Stay Safe and please do get in touch for any questions you may have about how you can become consistently better at building and sustaining relationship with prospects and clients.