Why Now?

During these challenging times it has been difficult to establish clarity around ‘how and when’ to effectively and even morally communicate with clients and prospects. It varies greatly from sector to sector, however there is a lot of sense in making sure that you are ready when the right opportunity arrives. Your competitors, and there may be some new and forceful ones, most certainly will.

The highly acclaimed business expert Brad Sugars recently said, ‘If you wait for the perfect time to reopen you will be too late.’ In fact, I would highly recommend you check him out on YouTube and look for his ‘Re-Think, Re-Invent and Re-Open’ presentation.

As B2B and B2C consumers we have never had greater choice, the BIG opportunity is to make all your interactions with clients and prospects a vital part of the products and services you provide. Ask yourself, ‘If I was buying from me what would be my primary motivations’ If it is mainly price then you may well need a swing from transitional to relationship focused sales.

The T.I.M.E Associates philosophy is centred around a few key principles and support mechanisms:


Make sure that are the very get go you know what the project costs will entail and where (and when) you can measure success


Know your numbers, do your research and then send the right messages to the right people and measure the results.


It is almost certain that a team of experts with the right level of project management will be more successful than entrusting your campaign to just one person and hoping that they are either capable of doing everything or have enough personal contacts to assist.


There is a tried and tested 5-phase process called P.A.N.D.A that works every time and in every sector. Why, because it ensures that your client interactions are well thought out and relevant to their needs.


How investing just 5 minutes day in focused sales activity brings amazing results. Yes, even you have 5 minutes to spare!


Work with a small group (4 to 6) of like-minded business professionals towards some mutually agreeable objectives. Learn from others outside of your specific sector and share your knowledge with them.


Providing you with access to a proven resource for a fraction of the costs normally associated with this role. Allowing you to focus on the other parts of your business that you make the biggest contribution to.