About Us

TIME Associates stands for Training – Innovation – Marketing – Expertise

A business that focuses on building sustainable relationships centres on initially working with you in identifying and then successfully engaging with your prospects. We can help your business by putting systems and processes in place so the relationship is mutually beneficial for all parties.

The four pillars of the business; Training, Innovation, Marketing and Expertise are what we use to determine your challenges and opportunities and then apply any/all that are relevant to enable you to build successful sales campaigns.

When you go through our website we suggest that you make notes to see what parts of our services are most applicable to your needs. After that an initial consultation will allow us both to identify the key objectives.

Key and crucial to ongoing success is very often introducing my trusted network of associates as they add the extra levels of experience and expertise where needed.

We want to find out more about you – get in touch for more on how we can help you  – call 07747 270 775 or email glenn.hoy@time-associates.co.uk



Not just how to be better at building sales relationships but how sales can be impacted by other parts of your business such as marketing, accounts and even delivery/distribution
Using successful processes and NEVER ‘the gift of the gab’.

We use the tried and trusted P.A.N.D.A Effective Sales Process as the platform for helping you understand and then practice at being seen as someone who has the client’s interests at heart.

You can start being better at sales right now….. find just 3 ways to improve your Personal and then Professional preparation before you enter into any type of sales communication.

We regularly use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and Go to Meeting for individual or group sessions.

Our sales training and mentoring services are used by individuals, companies and even groups of people from different (and non-competing) sectors.


In relation to sales our view is to always push the boundaries of what you have traditionally done BUT make sure that you are doing it for the right reason and not just because either someone else has had success or you feel it is ‘sexy’.
Two ways you may want consider as part of your ‘innovation strategy’ are:

1. Organise, manage and update your client and prospect data.

2. Create a ‘customer first’ approach to sales. Why?

Firstly it will make your communications more effective and secondly you will stand out from your competitors.

Want to know ‘how’ – simply get in touch. Call 07747 270 775 if this is a ‘hot topic’ for you.

Who would have thought that in 2019 the biggest growth area in the marketing/sales mix would be the effective use of direct mail?

A simple B2B example is that by sending the mail shot to a named person (not just job title) and using a bright orange envelope meant that we had a very powerful frame of reference when doing the follow up calls.

That is not to say that social media, email and print do not work – they do. Key and crucial should be the time spent at the planning stage.

Contact us for your FREE copy of the Marketing Planning Pyramid: data – offer – objectives – marketing – sales – review.

Every phase is part of a logical and workable sequence.

We are proud to be associated with some of the very best in their field: social media, data analysis, client profiling, market research, commercial photography, graphic design, marketing planning, relationship networking and countless others.

The secret to an integrated approach is that you get everyone involved working in the same direction (no room for egos).

Finally and most importantly every single person or company who come under the Associates banner is personally known to me and I give them my 100% endorsement AND all share one other thing in common, they are very nice people!