If you say you are going to do it…DO IT!

Quite simply you run the risk of undoing all your great work by not: replying to an email, returning a call, sending a quote etc.

Top Tip ā€“ ALWAYS under promise and over-deliver.

For example, you have finished a call this morning and have agreed that you will send an email with the notes/actions from the call by the close of the working day tomorrow. If you can send it by lunchtime tomorrow it demonstrates a high level of professionalism and demonstrates that you value their time.

I hope that the P.A.N.D.A Effective Relationships Process has helped you add some structure to your interactions with your clients and prospects and that you now have eradicated any potential apprehension about taking the lead with communications.

As always please do feel free to ASK about P.A.N.D.A or sales in any guise, sector or type.

Iā€™m taking a short break from articles on LinkedIn so that they do not lose impact and attention.

The next series will be about how 3 Keywords inside and 3 Keywords outside your business will help you set up strategies that will enhance and improve your client and prospect relationships.

Inside: Process, Focus & Consistency

Outside: Know, Like, Trust

Thank you for your attention, feedback and positive comments.

In these challenging times the more support we can give the greater the opportunity for us all.