Without a real need or want how can you sell?

Day 4 and the fun part begins… establishing needs and wants

You will have noticed from the Attention section that asking questions is a vital component in the communications and trust-building journey and it does not come easy without structure and practice.

Establishing needs (functional) and wants (emotional) BOTH have equal importance however you will often find that decisions made on predominantly ‘want’ based motivations are those that attract ‘buyer’s remorse’ – in that a review of the decision can overlook some facts that inspired it. Where you have a solid platform for working together is the ideal place to be. In that way what you have/do is relevant to them.

It is my belief and experience that being open and upfront is the best way. Do not be afraid to tell people that you need to ask questions about how your products and services can benefit them. In that way, you can quickly ascertain if, in fact, they do.

The best types of questions to ask are ‘open-ended’, in that they invite replies and not just yes/no (closed) answers.

Who – Where – What – When – How – Why

Please be sparing with ‘why’ questions as they can appear to be confrontational.

Make a list of the questions you would normally ask in a conversation and then see if they are open-ended or closed.

Practice asking questions by acting like a child, ‘Why cannot I watch more TV’? ‘What’s for tea?’ ‘How come that Dad is allowed to swear?

Stay in Touch and Stay Safe